MPD: Man shot multiple times at apartment complex

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man was shot multiple times overnight at an apartment complex in North Memphis.

The shooting happened at the Goodwill Village apartments in the 1500 block of Merton Street.

According to police, the victim was found lying on the sidewalk when officers arrived.

He had been shot three times.

Officers said the victim told police he worked as a security guard at the apartment complex.

Jeremy Brooks happened to be in the area last night.

“I was sitting on my homeboy porch, next thing you know I heard two or three shots going off. Looked around the corner and the security guard was on the ground,” Brooks said.

FOX13 received the name of the victim from multiple people who live in the neighborhood.

We confirmed the name with MPD and proceeded to check the status of the victim’s security license with the state of Tennessee.

The unarmed security guard license came back denied.

The state showed no record of the victim applying for an armed security guard license.

Several residents told FOX13 the victim got caught up in several altercations over the last week with other residents.

“That’s why I don’t bring my sons up to these apartments. Ain’t no telling what be going on,” Brooks said.

People who live in the apartments say they are still on edge from a double homicide that happened in their neighborhood last Monday.

People said they hope the killing and violence can take a backseat.

“Man, I’m just like everyone else. Stop the killing, man. Let’s focus on the future we got. Kids out here trying to grow up.” brooks said.

The victim told police he was walking to get an apartment number in connection with an incident that happened earlier.

The victim told police he heard six gunshots.

He was hit in the chest and the torso and grazed by a bullet on his hand, according to police.

The suspect was wearing a white tank top and appeared to have an assault rifle.

The suspect appeared to be driving a red Chevy Cruze, according to police.

The suspect fled westbound on Peres Avenue.

The victim was taken to Regional One in critical condition.

He is now in non-critical condition, according to police.

No suspect information is available at this time.