MPD officer accused of sending unwanted texts to women he pulled over

Watch: MPD officer accused of sending unwanted texts

Memphis, Tenn. — A Memphis police officer accused of sending text messages to multiple women is under investigation.

Here’s the catch: The women tell Fox13 that they didn’t give him their phone number.

A woman named Ashley Palmer shared screenshots of the message she claims she received from the officer.

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It said : “Next time don’t be speeding.”

“When he came through he was like, ‘Hey don’t be speeding,' so me thinking it was someone I know, I said lol,” said Palmer.

The messages continued.

It read: “Really Rod just pulled you over.”

She replied saying, “I think you have the wrong number.”

Then the man replied: “Is this even a female?”

Palmer stopped responding and forgot about it until she saw a viral post on Facebook which appears to be between a woman and a man Memphis police identified as an officer.

Palmer said the messages are from the same number that texted her.

“I’m like, wow. Why would an officer be doing this? This is kinda of creepy, this is weird,” said Palmer.

Memphis police are looking into texts sent to another woman who did not want to be identified.

The texter said: “Next time don’t be speeding.”

The woman replied: “Who is this?”

Then the man sent a selfie.

The texts continue.

The woman asked the texter: "Who you looking for? He said: “I think I got the wrong number, I didn’t just pull you over on Austin Peay?”

She told him no.

He said: “I’m on Austin Peay if you wanna get pulled over. I just turned 32 I’m MPD.”

Later down in the messages he said: “Don’t miss a possible blessing being close minded.”

“These are the guys that are supposed to be protecting us,” said Palmer.

Upset, Ashley Palmer called internal affairs.

Right now, MPD is trying to figure out if Palmer’s messages are from the same officer.

Palmer said all she wants is for the man to be fired.

“This could happen to anybody and to think some young ladies you know, some ladies could meet up with him and stuff like that we just want to keep our women safe,” said Palmer.

Fox 13 tried calling the number from the screenshot but it went straight to voicemail.

Fox 13 even talked to a third woman who claims she received messages from the same number after an officer pulled her over.

MPD said they have been told about other messages possibly being from the same officer but said no one has contacted the Internal Service Bureau directly to file a complaint.

They emphasize if you received a message from the officer you need to file a complaint.