MPD searching for suspects who dressed as fake agents, forced their way into apartment

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are searching for suspects who dressed up as fake “Fugitive Agents” and showed up armed a local apartment complex.

The incident happened Monday at the Emerald Park Apartments on Summer Ridge Drive.

Several shots were fired at the two men posing as agents, according to police.

Residents were awakened by loud knocks and someone announcing themselves as “fugitive squad” at the front door and windows.

According to police, doorbell camera footage shows two men at the door armed with handguns trying to get the residents to open the door.

FOX13 took the video to former Shelby County Sheriff’s Captain Benny Cobb.

“The video is scary and it’s a situation that’s dangerous to the everyday average citizen,” Cobb said.

The doorbell camera clearly shows one of the suspects knocking on the door and shouting, his gun drawn. He is even wearing a vest that says ‘Fugitive Recovery Agent’ in bold gold letters.

His partner, about 15 feet behind him, was also wearing a vest, a mask and had a gun.

They didn’t' get into the apartment. But Benny Cobb told FOX13 this could have been a dangerous situation for the person on the inside.

“Now you have the citizen second-guessing who’s coming to their home,” he said. “It could be a legitimate law enforcement situation.”

The two didn’t give up. They forced themselves into a home close by but someone fired shots to scare them away.

“You have these wannabee guys out here that want to represent and impersonate the police,” Cobb said. “Then you have people out here that’s trying to impersonate the police for the act of committing a crime.”

Cobb says fugitive agents are real but they coordinate with law enforcement.

According to MPD, the suspects never identified themselves as police officers or sheriff’s deputies.

“They ask who you are,” Cobb said. “You identify yourself. If the homeowner don’t believe who you are they’re supposed to call 911. Law enforcement shows up and assist and collaborate with that effort.”

Police are still looking for the two men.

Both are about 5-10, 175 pounds.

If you have any information about the suspects, call CrimeStoppers at 901.528.CASH.