No charges filed after man shot and killed in Raleigh, MPD says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — UPDATE 2/23/2021:

The victim has been identified as Brandon Garcia, 18.


Memphis police said no charges will be filed after a man was shot and killed in Raleigh.

It happened in the 5000 block of Ridge Tree Drive.

FOX13 spoke with a neighbor who said he heard several gunshots.

“I believe there was a break-in at my neighbor’s house, and someone was laying out the ground,” said a neighbor who did not want to be named because of fear of retaliation.

That neighbor woke up to gunshots around 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

Police sources and neighbors said there was a string of car break-ins in the neighborhood before Thursday morning’s deadly shooting on Ridge Tree Drive.

On Twitter Thursday afternoon, Memphis Police said early information indicates the shooting was connected to an attempted car burglary.

“A lot of gunfire, it was like two different kinds of gunshots. It sounds like there was like three or four gunshots initially that started it and then maybe five or six other after that,” said the neighbor.

A source said a neighbor shot a man after his sister saw someone breaking into a neighbor’s car. That’s when he confronted the suspects with a gun and told them to get on the ground.

At least four MPD sources told FOX13 one suspect got away. The other suspect ran toward the house, where they were pinned in. The suspect pulled out his gun, sources said, and pointed it at the shooter. That’s when, sources said, the shooter shot the suspect at least six times.

“You don’t really hear that around here; that kind of stuff doesn’t happen around here.”

That neighbor said when he came outside to find out what was going on he noticed a car door was open.

Sources said one thing that’s going to help this investigation is the reliable surveillance video they saw because the entire incident was captured on camera.

FOX13 noticed a surveillance camera at one of the homes.