Nonprofit launches crime prevention tipline in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local nonprofit has launched a crime prevention tipline for the city of Memphis.

This comes as the Bluff City is on track to surpass 2016 as the city’s deadliest year.

The tipline for Crimestoppers is shared after every horrific crime to plague our community.

Even though Crimestoppers is a nonprofit, people immediately associate it with cops.

“In our community, we’ve got a thing called snitches get stitches,” said Stevie Moore, President of Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives.

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In February, Moore sat down with FOX13 at his Third Street Office after the shooting death of three children.

He believed communities that need law enforcement the most don’t trust the police and don’t trust that when they call Crimestoppers, an officer won’t show up at their door or reveal them to be the tipster.

Moore said he once ran a crime tipline, but the funding ran dry. After brainstorming for solutions, just five months later, he was able to get more money.

“I beg a lot. I was able to raise a little money,” Moore said. “NAACP gave me a little money, Mom’s Demand Action gave me a grant.”

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He announced Memphis’ new crime prevention tipline.

“If you’re not comfortable calling the police, calling law enforcement, call this line,” Moore said. “Your name doesn’t have to come up, totally anonymous. This would help bridge the gap. What I’m trying to do is build better communication between law enforcement and our community.”

Moore called FFUN’s tipline a crime prevention tipline because he wanted people to call them before the crimes occur.

If you see someone lurking around your neighborhood with a gun, see something suspicious, and don’t feel comfortable calling the police, you can call the tipline.

The number for the tipline is (901)417-7361.

You can donate to FFUN here.

FFUN is located at 3214 S. 3rd St., Memphis, and the telephone number is 901.527.3149.