Man arrested after $73K worth of TVs stolen from train

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The thought of a train robbery might make you think of an old movie set in the Wild West, but police said it happened in South Memphis.

A Memphis man faces some hefty charges after police said they caught him with a truck bed full of stolen TVs Thursday night. We’re told it’s among $73,000 worth of TVs stolen.

New questions arose about whether another location where police found several TV’s might be connected.

Police said Thursday night dozens of TVs were stolen from a train sitting on the tracks in South Memphis. We’re told a worker tipped officers off.

The vandals were in such a rush, they ripped TVs out of boxes, while others didn’t even bother taking them out of the box before stuffing them in their cars.

When officers got to the scene they saw several vehicles speeding away. Police said 10 box cars were broken into and 43 TVs were stacked behind an abandoned building next to the train.

“They need to catch these guys if they can catch them. This is not right,” said Edward Brookes.

Police said they did catch one person, 47-year-old Terrence Moorehead.

Investigators said there were 13 TVs in the bed of his truck.

Moorehead faces 10 counts of burglary.

Friday morning, police were at a home on Preston Street carrying out several boxes of TV’s but refused to say whether the two investigations were connected.

So far, police said only Moorehead is charged in connection with the train robbery.