“Political trauma:” Consuming too much political news could be affecting your mental health, experts say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Health experts are warning citizens that consuming too much political news could be bad for their mental health.

Some therapists say they are noticing an increase in people struggling with mental health due to the ongoing pandemic, political protests and upcoming inauguration.

Experts call this “political trauma.”

Many people are seeking professional mental health resources to cope with the upheaval of 2020, as well as recent social and political unrest in the nation.

FOX13′s Amicia Ramsey spoke with one counselor about how to identify triggers and find solutions.

Jelisa Anderson, a mental health therapist, spoke about ways “political trauma” could manifest.

Anderson said headaches, fatigue and sleep disturbances could occur.

“Some depression, anxiety, and fear may form from each other or in general from the recognized events,” Anderson said.

Anderson recommended getting out in the sun, talking to a friend and even journaling as daily activities someone could do for their mental health.

“You build those endorphins so you are not bogged down,” Anderson said.

Getting involved in community events and limiting time on social media and the Internet could also boost mental health.

“If you are feeling bogged down, set boundaries with yourself and set limits on your usage,” Anderson said.

She suggested setting a limit of one hour for news and social media consumption.

“Once that hour is up, say all right, STOP,” Anderson said. “Say, let me go engage in something else that pertains to me.”

To contact Anderson about mental health resources, call 901.609.4431 or CLICK HERE.