SCS students protest decision to postpone Fall sports

WATCH: SCS students protest decision to postpone Fall sports

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Student-athletes, coaches, and parents of Shelby County Schools voiced their concern Wednesday morning with a protest after SCS superintendent Doctor Joris Ray postponed the fall season for fall sports until further notice.

Shelby County Schools student-athletes said the decision made by SCS superintendent Dr. Joris Ray to postpone the seasons for Fall sports is one that made their school year dark to look forward to.

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Coaches and players voiced how unfair it is to see other school districts in Shelby County playing sports while SCS students are left to go without.

“Ridgeway is right down the street from MUS. It makes me feel bad for the Ridgeway players to hear that statement on Friday night while they are at practice following the protocols and guidelines and I know it hurt those players so bad,” Kirby High senior Caleb Elmo said.

School leaders said they made the decision with the health of students and coaches in mind.

Student-athletes say there is a safe way to play.

“They have schools around Memphis that’s in their fourth week of playing football and they haven’t had a case yet. So I just want him to look at that and give it a try,” Cordova High senior Aaren Alexander said.

These students say for some of them, football is the only opportunity they have to stay safe from ongoing violence and earn themselves a college education.

Ray tweeted a statement and video explaining the decision Tuesday.

In the video, Ray said he hoped students would be allowed to play safely when conditions improved.

The decision was made based on recommendations from local infectious disease experts.

According to a tweet from Ray, the district will continue showcasing activities for juniors and seniors.

Workshops are being planned to assist student-athletes with recruiting efforts at no cost.