ServiceMaster mobilizing resources to support national COVID-19 response, official says

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — ServiceMaster Brands, a leading provider of essential cleaning and disinfecting services to homes and businesses, announced it is fully mobilizing its resources to support the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a press release.

“As one of the largest and most experienced cleaning and disinfection service providers in the world, we are certified and trained for moments such as this,” said Aster Angagaw, president of ServiceMaster Brands. “We are uniquely positioned, through our ServiceMaster Restore, ServiceMaster Clean, and Merry Maids businesses to provide disinfection services with up-to-date protocols and standards in alignment with CDC, EPA and OSHA guidelines.”

The company has already performed thousands of COVID-19-related services across hundreds of healthcare facilities, schools, businesses and homes, according to the press release.

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ServiceMaster Restore, ServiceMaster Clean, and Merry Maids franchisees are working to protect their customers, employees, and communities and help them adjust to the shifting landscape by focusing on the following:

Customer Safety and Service needs (healthcare facilities, schools, businesses and homes)

§ Prioritizing the needs of healthcare facilities and healthcare workers

§ Providing services, including pre-contamination protocols, post-contamination protocols and deep cleaning protocols with focus on high-touch points and other sensitive areas in customer environments

§ Performing enhanced customer service protocols, based on customer preferences and/or regulatory requirements, to minimize person-to-person interactions

§ Assisting essential businesses to stay open, and helping other businesses safely return to work, through deep cleaning protocols and services that help prevent the spread of COVID-19

§ Deploying the 24-hour emergency response capabilities of ServiceMaster Restore

§ Monitoring information from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and relevant local and state agencies, to adapt practices and protocols to continue to meet the needs of employees and customers

§ Leveraging the ServiceMaster network, capable of a one-hour response within 98 percent of the United States home and businesses population

Employee Safety

§ Increasing training, testing, and educational opportunities for employees of the network, including certifications in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the adoption of social distancing

§ Offering updated health and safety protocols to prioritize hygienic safety, based on guidance from the CDC to minimize the spread of the coronavirus

§ Ensuring adherence to strict health and safety protocols, including limiting employee-to-employee in-person interaction (for example, by enforcing ‘stay at home’ orders for ill/exposed employees) and increasing disinfection frequency for tools and materials

Resilience in Communities

§ ServiceMaster Restore, ServiceMaster Clean, and Merry Maids are holding regular virtual training sessions to ensure expertise leveraged across the field in response to COVID-19

§ The company’s experts are working closely with customers to respond to exposure events and deliver uninterrupted services in a timely matter

ServiceMaster is located at 150 Peabody Pl., Memphis TN 38103.