Some Americans skeptical about COVID-19 vaccine but trust is growing, study shows

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As people learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine and witness first responders getting the vaccine, some are still skeptical.

A new study revealed what people are saying about getting the vaccine.

The study was released yesterday by CNN.

The study showed some 64 percent of Americans say they will get the vaccine.

Health care experts said that number is better than last week’s.

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One health care expert said as people get more information about the vaccine, the trust will build.

David Johnson said there was enormous fear when the polio vaccine came out, and many Americans were reluctant to take it.

Over time, Johnson said, as people didn’t get polio and the vaccine improved effectiveness, it became more widespread.

One doctor told FOX13 that even with a vaccine, now is not the time to ease up on safety precautions.

Wearing masks and social distancing is still important.

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FedEx delivered the first batch of the vaccine Sunday, a major turning point in the ongoing pandemic.

A critical care nurse in Queens, New York was the first to receive the vaccine in the U.S.