Hours long standoff ends in North Memphis

WATCH: Hours long standoff ends in North Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The SWAT Team, EMS and more reinforcements made their way to a home at Durham Avenue and Wagon Wheel Drive.

Police said they were given information that was posted online saying a person of interest was in the home. So, police said they followed protocol to resolve the situation safely.

Neighbors said police and reinforcements were at that house for hours.

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After hours of waiting and negotiating police said that person of interest isn’t in the house.

No information about that person has been released.

Neighbors said they’ve never seen anything like this before.

“I knew something was wrong. When I saw the police cars, I knew something’s not right,” said Luther Wilson, who lives nearby.

Wilson said he woke up to police sirens and squad cars flooding the street to his home.

“I’ve never seen anything this crazy since I’ve been here out of the whole 27 years,” Wilson said.

Heavily armed SWAT units surrounded the house while negotiators yelled through their megaphone for the person to come out the home.

Neighbors said they believe the person police were looking for in the home is linked to a recent murder and is wanted by police.

We will update this story once we have more information.