VACCINES STOLEN: Volunteer accused of stealing COVID-19 vaccines from Memphis site, state health department says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A COVID-19 vaccine volunteer is suspected of stealing multiple COVID-19 vaccine doses at the Pipkin Building site in Memphis, according to Tennessee Dept. of Health officials.

The theft reportedly occurred Feb. 3. It was not reported to the state or federal authorities, according to TDH.

In a briefing with reporters Friday morning, TDH officials also stated that on Feb. 3, two children were vaccinated at the Appling site. Those vaccinations were not reported to state or federal authorities.

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TDH released documents associated with the ongoing investigation into COVID-19 vaccine waste in Shelby County.

Thousands of vaccines were thrown out, and the number was reportedly misrepresented by SCHD officials.

Furthermore, the state says SCHD sat on over 50,000 doses of the vaccine, reportedly holding them for teachers, a serious violation of state guidelines.

In an email dated Feb. 25 at 7:36 a.m. from state Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey to other state health officials, Piercey said she had a phone call with SCHD Director Alisa Haushalter on Feb. 16 in which Haushalter made no mention of any expired doses.

In another email dated Feb. 25, Piercey states: “Dr. Haushalter’s comment that she reached out and my lack of response has no bearing on the vaccines having been expired or her mismanagement of this entire situation.”

Shelby Files 22621 by FOX13 Memphis on Scribd

Shelby Files 22621These are documents the State of Tennessee is providing about their investigation of the reported COVID-19 vaccine wastage in Shelby

Memphis City council member Chase Carlisle is calling Haushalter’s resignation and said he wants her senior leadership team out as well.

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The City of Memphis swiftly took over vaccine distribution in the county, enacting a robust plan in just 24 hours.

Over 17,000 first doses are scheduled to be given out next week.

Piercey also noted a lack of urgency in emails between the state and Haushalter.

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“There was never any indication they had an urgent concern about vaccines expiring,” Piercey wrote in one exchange to a state medical director.

According to the documents FOX13 received from the state, Shelby County should use its weekly vaccine dose within 7 days and the second dose allocation within 14 days.

All vaccine doses should have been used up as of Feb. 12, according to the documents.

On Feb. 22, TDH learned of an additional 840 expired doses SCHD did not disclose.