TN Statehouse leaders say President, Biden “delivered” in final debate

WATCH: President Trump and Joe Biden square off in final debate

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The second and final faceoff between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden looked like a more normal debate compared to the pair’s first meeting.

The Commission on Presidential Debates said there were only about 200 people inside, all of whom tested negative for COVID-19. Some of the guests included Tennessee statehouse leaders.

During the 90-minute debate, President Trump and Mr. Biden sparred on six topics: COVID-19, race in America, national security, American families, climate change, and leadership.

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Within those topics, both candidates debated their positions on immigration, foreign policy, minimum wage and healthcare.

Tennessee Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton and state Senator Raumesh Akbari were both inside the Curb Event Center for the debate.

Speaker Sexton said in his opinion, the president was in command and more in control Thursday night than the last debate.

“We want legal immigration into our country, in our state, we don’t want illegals coming in and I think that was a defining moment in this debate. The economy was a defining moment how [Trump] handled the COVID, I think the president did what he could early on,” said Speaker Sexton.

Senator Akbari believes Mr. Biden made it clear why he is the choice for Tennessee and country

“I think [Biden] did a good job every time he talked about directly to the American people. He said look it’s not about my family or the Trump family, it’s about your family and what you’re dealing with and that fact that you have had to deal with the consequences of a poorly managed pandemic,” said Sen. Akbari who represents Memphis and parts of Shelby County.

While President Trump and Mr. Biden made their case to undecided voters inside the debate hall, hundreds of people packed the sidewalks around Belmont University.

During these protests, people were very vocal and passionate about their support for the president or their opposition to him but things remained peaceful overall.

FOX13 talked with two voters who said they both supported President Trump in 2016 but now they have different opinions on the president’s first term.

Curt Dennis said he believes the president kept his promises and will get the economy going again.

“I think that’s what this country needs, is someone in office to be a business man because the way you run a country is the way you run a country in his eyes. I would rather have him in office because at least I  know he’s going to do the absolute best for the American people,” said Dennis.

Shannon Mulcahy said she hasn’t been happy with President Trump’s administration and she’s now voting for Mr. Biden.

“He hasn’t delivered. GM, Harley Davidson is closed. I mean all things, he has not bothered to stop yet all he campaigns about is he is going to stop them from moving off shore so he hasn’t delivered he hasn’t kept any of his promises,” she said.