WHO creates fact-check website to dispel myths about coronavirus

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The World Health Organization has released a fact-check website for questions about the coronavirus.

Some of the information included on the website includes facts about exercising while wearing a face mask.

According to the WHO, wearing a face mask while exercising is not recommended, as it reduces the ability to breathe comfortably.

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The website also states the coronavirus is caused by a virus, not by bacteria.

Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics.

Other interesting facts, according to the website:

Coronavirus is not spread by houseflies;

5G mobile networks do not spread the virus;

Sun exposure and high temperatures do not protect against COVID-19 and

The virus cannot be spread through mosquito bites.

The site provides information on how to protect yourself from the virus and dispels myths and misinformation associated with the virus.