Woman wants out of snake infested Southaven apartment

Southaven, Miss. — Southaven’s Kimberly Acron says she wants to move out of her apartment as it is becoming home to a bunch of uninvited snakes. Acron tells us over the last two and a half days she has had six snakes in her apartment including one in her bathtub.

“Me getting in the tub with a snake, I got in the tub and stepped on the snake and fell out of the tub. That was the final straw” Acron said.

Acron showed us video she says she shot of the snake still crawling around in the bathtub. You could see it slithering under the shower curtain. Acron lives at Rocky Creek apartments. She says that the fall out of the tub caused her to injure her ankle.

PHOTOS: Southaven apartment infested with snakes

Acron tells us she has asked the apartment complex to move her and her 3 kids to a hotel or another unit until the snake problem is fixed.

“We are not okay with staying here and it seems the apartments are giving us the runaround. No one wants to answer questions” Acron said.

Acron shared with us other videos and pictures of snakes. She says she found one in her bathroom by the toilet which bit her son. She says she found one near the laundry room and one in the kitchen which they trapped in a pizza box and you could see it slithering inside.

We reached out to Rocky Creek apartments several times for comment and were finally told that the regional manager received our messages but was out of the office all day doing property inspections.

A local exterminator identified the snakes as rat snakes and says they are non-venomous. He said they likely followed rats inside for food. Acron shares with me that when apartment maintenance tried to fix the problem by sealing holes near her Air Conditioning and water heater they found rat droppings.

“You just never know, we may die. A snake could get in the bed at night and could kill us I’ve never had to interact with a snake so I don’t know what a snake is capable of and I don’t want to,” Acron said.

Acron tells us she has looked at her lease and it says nothing about snakes. A local attorney we talked to says that the Mississippi Landlord/Tenant act does not mention snakes. He also says that the act is written in a highly favorable way for the Landlord and not the tenant.

Acron tells us she and her children are staying with family for now.

Late Thursday night FOX13 received the following response from the company that owns the apartment complex:

Tom, thank you for your earlier email, and I apologize for our delay in answering, as our Regional Manager and I were involved in property inspections this afternoon which were pre-scheduled. While I believe that your station has already broadcast a report on this situation earlier this evening, I did want to respond to your question.

First, we are sorry that Ms. Acron and her family have experienced the problem with snakes this week.  To the best of my knowledge, we have not previously had problems with snakes at the property or in that specific building. Earlier in the week, when the problem first began, our on site personnel killed and removed the first snake which appeared.  This afternoon, after reaching out earlier in the week to a variety of outside pest removal contractors when more snakes infested the apartment, we were able to treat the building, which hopefully will eradicate the problem.

We did not deny Ms.Acron the opportunity to move to another apartment or temporarily stay in a hotel until the snake problem was resolved. Ms. Macron currently lives in a three bedroom apartment.  Unfortunately, we do not have any three bedroom apartments vacant at the current time.  As such, when our Regional Manager spoke with her yesterday, we offered to allow Ms. Acron to temporarily reside in the property’s furnished two bedroom model until we were able to successfully treat the building, and she turned that offer down. We also mentioned that we would offer her reimbursement for any hotel stay that she needed during this time. Instead, Ms. Acron told us that she planned to move in with relatives in Memphis until the problem was resolved. It appears that our staff believed that she preferred to stay with family, and as such, we did not pursue more vigorously the option of finding her a hotel.

We have learned that there is a three bedroom apartment which will become vacant next week, on October 28th, and we will be happy to allow Ms. Macron to transfer to that apartment if she desires.  We will discuss that with her tomorrow and will offer her a concession. That said, it is important to note that Ms. Macron is not the leaseholder of record on her current apartment, as two other people are the legal leaseholders in the apartment.

Thank you again for your inquiry.  We hope that the treatment completed this afternoon will rectify the problem, and that we can successfully work something out to Ms. Macron’s satisfaction.

Best regards,


James M. Ringel, CPM

Chief Operating Officer