• A walking miracle at Fayette Ware High School

    By: Robynn Coleman


    A walking miracle. That's how coach Michael Hodum explained Javarrious Matthewis to us.

    "Its only something God could do... It brought tears to my eyes to know God had worked such a miracle in his life," said Coach Hodum.

    It's been one year since the accident. Matthewis said it was a wake-up call to his life.

    A typical morning quickly turned into a nightmare. "I could've been dead and gone," Matthewis said.

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    "We were planning practice and one of the teachers walked in and told me Javarrious had been in an accident," Coach Hodum explained.

    The defensive back suffered a drug-induced coma for 30 days after breaking every bone in his legs and arms.

    Matthewis, also known as "Butter," still came out alive.

    Coach Hodum said, "At the time, I thought we were just talking about a fender bender and she said no it's pretty serious he's been evacuated to The Med."

    The road to recovery for Butter has been a battle each day. Hodum said he would've been the star player of his team this year.

    Despite the odds he's faced - butter still has love for the game.

    He's still around the team offering support and motivation.

    "The outcome didn't look good but we knew that ‘Butter' was a fighter. We knew he was that kind of kid. He had always been that kind of kid," Coach Hodum said.

    With just two years under his belt at Fayette Ware, Hodum said his main purpose is to build a program where they can call lean on one another.

    Coach Hodum said, "There's things that happen in their lives that gives them the maturity they need and it's not something only I can give them. It's their own experiences, I have to nurture them through it."

    As for butter, he still goes to every practice and game to support his teammates. He hopes to return to the gridiron someday.

    Butter said the accident isn't stopping him from counting his blessings.

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