Memphis police officer giving back to community by teaching boxing to troubled youth

WATCH: Memphis police officer giving back to community by teaching boxing to troubled youth

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An MPD officer and boxing coach is giving back to his community by helping young men.

The organization is focused on instilling valuable life lessons to members on the team that may be dealing with distress.

The message from Coach Brian Hall to his team is simple – “Stay out of trouble.”

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Ali Saleh, a boxer from Kingsbury High School, has been boxing for two years under Hall.

“Out of the ring he’ll tell me to stay out of trouble. Go to school,” said Saleh.

Saleh knew he loved to fight at a young age after constantly staying in trouble inside and outside of school.

That is when he was introduced to something that could mimic his love for boxing in a more positive way.

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“It motivates me more to bring more youth and build kids to one day be successful,” said Hall. “Even if it’s in boxing or in life, that’s what I’m going for.”

Much of this story in the ring is just like many other athletes outside of the ring, but there’s something bigger being fought for.

There’s the fight for your life.

“Whatever you want to do in life, you do it. Don’t let nobody tell you what to do, cause that’s your future,” Hall said.

Hall has been coaching martial arts for 12 years with a vision to give back to his community by helping teens prepare for life beyond the boxing ring.

“What motivates me most is just putting a smile on these kids face, making them happy,” he said. “Doing whatever it takes to succeed in life and one way is through dedication and preparation.”

That’s his motivation because, Hall said, life won’t always be fair.

He told FOX13 working hard is the key to completing goals and succeeding.

Hall said every time you step in the ring you will get hit and knocked down occasionally, but the hard times make the victories that much sweeter.

Memphis Police Boxing Gym is a nonprofit that helps youth develop to their full potential.

For more information and details on signing up, click here.