Scholar Athlete of the Week: Josh Brown

Scholar Athlete of the Week: Josh Brown

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — This past week was fall break for Josh Brown and his Germantown classmates. While he took some time to enjoy it, there was no break in prepping for the next game or academic future.

“Well since it’s fall break I’m kind of using it to catch up on some other things like applying for colleges and just really trying to enjoy myself and enjoy my friends,” Brown said.

Brown has earned it. The senior is showing his teammates it’s possible to excel as a student athlete.

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“Academically I know he’s involved in almost every club at the school,” Red Devils head coach Chris Smith said. “He’s got a 4.58 GPA and a 26 ACT. That’s all in the meantime balancing sports and also balancing international baccalaureate classes which are extremely hard, which are a notch above honors.

"So, it’s been real impressive.”

The international baccalaureate classes Smith speaks of is the highest level for students. It’s a worldwide curriculum, meaning Brown shares the same classes as students in Europe.

“Being a student athlete is honestly amazing,” Brown said. “Because not only do you get to meet new and different people in the classroom, but you also get to meet new and different people out here on the field.

"So, with all these new people and all these new friendships and brotherhoods being formed everyday man, it’s a great experience.”

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It hasn’t been all good for Brown’s high school career. He tore his ACL as a freshman.

Brown approached rehab with the same tenacity he has in the classroom.

“That’s a knee injury that’s tough for a high school kid to come back from especially that fast the way he did,” Smith said. “But you know he stuck to his programs to a key. The exact percentages. The exact reps. He didn’t skip it. He didn’t try to make his own twist to it.

"He just does what he’s supposed to do and that’s why Josh is where he’s at today.”

Brown’s detailed approach to rehab makes sense, considering how he tackles each week.

“At the beginning of the week I sit down, me and my dad sit down, and we plan out our schedules and he tells me new ways and different things I could try to better manage my time,” he said.

Brown has made the most of his time. The proof is evident.

“Josh has been the perfect example,” said Smith. “Hey, you can be a great student in the classroom.

You can be a great player on the field as well. So, I think people shouldn’t have to make a choice of pick one or the other when they can do both if you’re a really good time manager like Josh is.”

Brown has some final advice for future student-athletes.

“Time management is really important and have a good close group of friends in your corner who understand what you’re going through and who will support you every step of the way because it does get hard,” Brown said.

"But you know with the right friends and with the right mentality it can be done."