• Scholar Athlete of the Week: Julius Hampton

    By: Jonathan Marshall


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - You’ve probably heard the saying “shoot for the stars.” Julius Hampton is truly taking this to heart. 

    He wants to be a pro football player and an astronaut.  

    “When you growing up you always think about some stuff,” Hampton said. “I always thought about the stars. I really wanted to know if aliens were real so that’s what making me getting into all that.”

    The Raleigh Egypt senior knows success in the classroom will launch him wherever he wants to go.  

    “To get to the NFL I gotta have good grades so I know for sure I gotta get good grades, but getting good grades, it’s not just stopping there,” Hampton said. “If I’m doing something I want to be the best.”

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    Hampton is holding true to this. He stars on the football field and baseball diamond. 

    He has a 3.6 GPA and is ranked No. 10 in his class. 

    Pharaohs coach Brian Young said Hampton is a special talent. The type you don’t have to worry about. 

    “You know what I just try to stay out of his way and just let him play,” Young said. “He’s a great athlete. He can do anything out here on the field that he really wants to do. I think any good coach would probably give me that same advice. Just let him play. Let him put his cleats on and let him go.” 

    Hampton isn’t at all fazed by these expectations. 

    “It’s not a challenge once you put your mind to it,” he said. “For some people it is but me, I always get my work done.  I’ve always been you can say an honor roll student. An A, B student. I always put that in my top priorities.” 

    Hampton’s mind is set on professions in and out of this world. He has advice for those who may doubt their own ability to reach the stars. 

    “I’m going to try to do both,” he said. “I can do both. I’m going to do both. In my free time. Whatever you dream about at night, try to make it happen in real life when you wake up.”

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