Scholar Athlete of the Week: Nick Anewalt

Scholar Athlete of the Week: Nick Anewalt

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Whether kicking field goals or exceling in the classroom, Nick Anewalt isn’t fazed.

“You come out,” Anewalt. “You just got one opportunity to make that kick. I don’t really worry about stuff. I kind of just go and just do my best and whatever happens, happens.”

This cool mentality helped guide the Houston senior to a 4.6 GPA and 35 on the ACT. That’s one point off the highest mark you can get.

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“I knew I was capable of it,” Anewalt said. “Never want to get a big head or anything but I definitely try to set a high standard for myself. I wouldn’t say necessarily that expected it, but I was definitely hoping for it.”

Mustangs head coach James Thomas said Anewalt is the perfect representation of a student athlete.

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“I mean, anybody that has those kinds of numbers, you know he’s a hard worker on and off the field and that’s what you want out of your student athletes,” he said.

Anewalt is self-motivated. He’s only taking AP and dual enrollment classes. He’s on track to accumulate between 30 and 40 college credit hours.

“I like to set a high standard for myself,” he said. “So, when there’s the harder classes that I can take I like to put myself in that position. I know that if I work hard now that will set me up for the future.”

The future is what Thomas wants his players to keep an eye on.

“I try to tell these kids all the time that one point or another football is going to leave you, but your education’s there forever,” Thomas said. “Having him and we got a bunch of other kids on the team that are up to his level. Having those kids setting the right example is what it’s all about.”

In the future, Anewalt plans on using his motivation and intellect to protect others.

“My plan is to join the military and work in cyber security and try to help the country out,” he said. “I have a pretty big passion for computer science. So, if I can use my skills to help people out I think that would be great.”