Scholar Athlete of the Week: Reese McMullen

Scholar Athlete of the Week: Reese McMullen

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Reese McMullen is a true triple threat. The Christian Brothers guard can play some ball but he’s also an honors student and can play the piano.

His dad groomed him early on to be Renaissance minded.

“He’s always said I want you to be a Renaissance man,” McMullen said. “A Renaissance person. So that’s kind of been on my mind ever since he’s told me that. Just be the best that you can be at everything that you do.”

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McMullen showed his Renaissance ways this past summer at a school camp.

“He used three or four words that some of his teammates had never heard before,” Purple Wave coach William Luckett said. “So, he’s really one of the more well-rounded kids that I’ve had, and I’ve been doing this for a long time.”

McMullen hasn’t been in high school that long. He’s only a sophomore but was voted a team captain by his teammates.

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“He’s the type of kid that can get along with anybody,” Luckett said. “He can hang with the band members, the top students and he can hang with the athletes that maybe aren’t good students. I think everybody likes Reese. He has the ability to adjust to whoever he’s around.”

McMullen has a 5.2 GPA, so his Ivy League dreams aren’t far-fetched. He wants to play basketball at that level as well. He’s already attended elite camps at Yale and Columbia.

“I played really well,” McMullen said. “Especially in the Yale camp. I noticed that I was on another level a lot quicker than the other guys.  A lot more skilled.”

Luckett feels McMullen’s game deserves to be mentioned among the area’s best.

“He can put the ball on the floor,” Luckett said. “He’s got a really good mid-range game. He’s got three-point range. He’s become a really good defender. I think he’s definitely a college prospect. He’s definitely one of the better players in town even as a sophomore, I think.”

There are more high school exams to take and games to play. McMullen is still thinking about the future he can starting building on an Ivy League campus.

“Giving me connections (and) relationships,” McMullen said. “People who are going to be really influential in life. So, after school and everything I could really be set up to do well.”

What will post school life be like for this young man? Time will tell, but the standards are high.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if Reese is the President of the United States one day,” Luckett said. “I mean he’s got that kind of personality and he’s very smart. He’s mature beyond his years.”

Luckett seems to be onto something. It’s not every day that a teenager is mentioning Leonardo da Vinci as a model for their life.

“One of the greatest Renaissance men of all time,” McMullen said. “He was well written in math, a great writer, great artist. Just good at a lot of things. That’s a goal of mine.”