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    Our goal is to help clients develop their businesses through creative marketing using the two most powerful advertising mediums ever created, broadcast television and the World Wide Web.

    Many small advertisers assume that television and web advertising is prohibitively expensive. FOX13 and FOX13Memphis.com has a wide variety of advertising and marketing programs that can easily be afforded by local businesses.

    Our clients also have the opportunity to stretch their resources through local marketing, and community projects designed to enhance their visibility in the marketplace.

    We are committed to your overall advertising needs. Service is our number #1 priority. As an added feature, we are equipped with research resources such as Nielsen, Scarborough, Omniture, and ComScore. We are happy to provide you with special reports pertinent to your company's interests in order to assist in making marketing decisions.
    FOX13 Memphis extends the FOX13 brand to the Internet with interactive content that goes beyond TV to allow the viewer a more in depth, personal experience. We'll work with your brand to develop customized messages and opportunities to unite with your potential customers.

    Contact WHBQ FOX13 today and find out how we can help you!

    To contact WHBQ sales department:

    Arleda James, Sales Director
    Phone: 901-320-1228

    Jeff Klayman, Local Sales Manager
    Phone: 901-320-1222

    Kim Moore, National Sales Manager
    Phone: 901-320-1327

    Advertise on FOX13Memphis.com (Online Advertising) 

    Mark Cherniske, Digital Sales Manager
    Phone: 901-320-1337
    EMAIL:  Mark.Cherniske@coxinc.com

    Standard Units 

    Max File Size 

    Initial  Load 



    Ad Type 

    Ad Size 



    Max Size

    Time limits 



    300 x 250




    3 loops / :15 sec

    All SWF creative must be submitted with at .GIF or .JPG back up file and must use a clicktag


    728 x 90




    3 loops / :15 sec

    Promo Tile

    120 x 90




    3 loops / :15 sec


    88 x 31




    3 loops / :15 sec

    Pre/Post roll video

    320 x 240




    1 play / :30 sec Max

    FLV file only (Some stations will only take :15)

    Pre-roll Video
    ' We have the ability to serve both pre and post roll video

    ' We can link a pre/post roll video with the 728x90 and/or 300x250 on the page but the ratio of video to banner ads served will be roughly 35 to 1.

    ' All video ads are hosted by our servers, we currently can only track video impressions in our DFP system, we cannot support 1x1 tracking pixels for video impressions; we can send reports at request

    ' Our pre-roll video ads are non-clickable

    Order types
    ' All ad payment structures fall into one of 2 categories-

    ·         CPM ' cost per thousand based of number of impressions consumed

    ·         CPD ' cost per day based on the length of time the ad owns a particular ad slot on a page

    Rich Media
    ' Accepted rich media vendors : Eyeblaster, Pointroll Fat Boy, Klipmart, United Virtualities, Eyewonder

    ' We accept Flash 6,7,8,9 with max file size of 300k

    ' All ads must be user initiated and must have the same action to close as it was to expand ( Click to open, click to close, OR mouse over to open, mouse off to close)

    ' Expandable panel must have a visible close button (X CLOSE) 100% of the time located within the expanded panel

    ' Audio/Video may only be within the expanded panel and may not play automatically (must be user initiated)

    ' Stop/Mute and Start buttons are required

    ' Z Index in all Rich Media must be set to 999,999 or lower
    ' Click tags in SWF files should read getURL (clickTag, "_blank");

    ' We can geo-target by City, State, Zip Code, Area Code, or DMA

    ' We can target by specific day and/or day-part

    ' If an ad/order is to be canceled, we need to be notified 14 days in advance

    ' All ads that are clicked on will create a new window and not take the user away from our website

    ' We can provide reports to agencies/advertisers out of DFP given a 14 day advance notice description of what they would like included on the report

    ' Atlas and all Third Party vendor tags are accepted

    ' All ad tags sent should be e-mailed in an attached text file and not in the body of an e-mail

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