• Peter Fleischer


    Peter Fleischer

    Sports Anchor/Reporter,  FOX13

    Peter Fleischer was born to do sports. He grew up in St. Louis and by the second grade he was reading the sports page in his local newspaper every morning before school. He even became a Grizz fan when the team almost moved to his home town in 1999. To say he loves the game… would be putting it gently.

    Since breaking into sports journalism Peter has covered major sporting events like the Orange Bowl, World Series & Stanley Cup Finals. He's put his talents to work with companies and teams as a sports anchor and reporter in Rockford, Illinois and Columbia, Missouri and even had a few stints with ESPN and the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Peter says each sporting event offers a different atmosphere and story bringing the action on the field to the folks at home is a job he enjoys and pursues with passion.

    Share your love of the game with Peter via email at Peter.Fleischer@coxinc.com

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