$30k worth of copper, equipment stolen from construction site

One construction project will be behind schedule after robbers took more than $30,000 in tools and copper.

The construction site manager told police he locked up Friday night, and when he returned Monday, equipment had been taken – as well as thousands of yards of brass coil.

On Madison Avenue, an old hospital is being renovated. It looks like a typical construction site.

This week, the job site is missing $2,000 in brass valves, a $5,000 welding machine, a $200 air compressor, a $225 hammer drill, more than $2,000 in other equipment, and $20,000 in copper wire.

“It really don't surprise me because it's happening all over right now,” said DeWayne Lucas, who works in construction. “[Stealing cooper and brass] is the big thing.”

The suspect, or suspects, busted through a door to get through the front door.

The police are hoping they were caught on a nearby security camera, potentially one at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, which shares the same parking lot as the construction site.

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“You are that bold to do that,” said Adrian Carter, who works next to the construction site. “Oh yeah they are they are going to get caught. It's just ridiculous the way Memphis is getting.

“Where people are getting paid to work in while they are trying to work, someone is coming to rip them off for their tools that they are working with,” said Carter.

Lucas works in construction and has seen this type of theft before in his career.

“Something like that, it's an inside job,” he said. “It's got to be an inside job -- $10,000 and tools. They knew it was there and they knew what they were going to get.”

Earlier in June an apartment construction site was hit downtown, and more than $50,000 in appliances and equipment was stolen over multiple weeks.

The suspects are likely rolling in some new cash from selling these stolen items at scrapyards, workers told FOX13.

Police are hoping they still will not be able to afford bond when they are caught.

The suspect left one clue behind, a glass bottle of whiskey. Police will likely be searching for fingerprints or DNA.