$60K in merchandise stolen from cell phone store in Orange Mound

WATCH: $60K in items stolen

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thieves cut a hole in the ceiling to burglarize a cell phone store in Orange Mound.

The owner of Smooth Wireless told FOX13 the crooks wasted very little time grabbing the most expensive items.

The thieves used a pickax to break through the roof to enter and rob the business Sunday night around midnight.

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"It is just scary that your livelihood is in jeopardy when someone one to come and rob you," said Winter Wicks, a customer of one of the stores along Park Ave by Airways.

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The crooks covered their faces in masks and had only a few minutes to spare.

The surveillance video shows the suspects putting in bags the new iPhone X-S which retails for about $1,000 and the X-S Max which cost about $1,500.

The store owner did not want to speak to FOX13 on cameras but showed us the empty case where he put the new iPhones.

He also told said the crooks stole iPads and a couple of the newest models of the Galaxy cell phone.

The total loss to the business is estimated at $60,000.  FOX13 also noticed how these thieves wanted to cover their tracks.

They apparently noticed there were security cameras rolling. They busted into the office and snatched the security system off the wall.

It stopped the surveillance cameras from rolling.

Today workman put a down a permanent patch to the hole the thieves left behind.

It's another $4,700 bill in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise gone.

"That's crazy.  That's not good. That's not good," said Wicks.


A Memphis cell phone store is out of $60,000 dollars’ worth of merchandise; most of items stolen are the newest model iPhone which can cost up to $1,500.

MPD suspect the items may be sold on the street and online.

Surveillance video shows thieves burglarizing the store by breaking in through the ceiling.

Once inside, they stole high end merchandise.

"This was professional. It sounds professional," said Winter Wicks, a customer at one of the stores on Park Avenue.

The store owner told me at least 40 new iPhone taken along with other devices.

He fears his merchandise will be sold on the streets or on line to people willing ignore how a phone that retails for more than a $1,000 would sell for less.

The holiday gift giving season almost here and some people may be willing to overlook the obvious.

"People just trying to make a quick buck. They know cell phones sell," said Wicks.

FOX13 went on line checked the Facebook market place for the iPhone X-S.

We found 18 private sellers almost of all them offering prices just retail.

"I don’t buy them off the street - but a lot of people do," said Wicks.

FOX13 asked Memphis Police about the likelihood that these stolen phones will be sold.

A spokesperson emailed me this statement that says, "When you purchase stolen goods you help further the criminal enterprise. Purchase items like phones and other electronics from reputable dealers and sellers."

A warning that Winter Wicks follows.  "I come across cell phones and other products, but I would not buy it. I wouldn't because it doesn't come with a warranty on it," said Wicks.