'Bloodstained Men and their Friends' protest circumcision in the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tuesday, a group of protestors from a national organization calling themselves Bloodstained Men and their Friends, protested circumcision on the University of Memphis campus.

The group calls circumcision genital mutilation and sex abuse.

Protestors said they came to the University of Memphis to reach out to kids here before they have kids of their own.

They said they need to know this before they have children, so they don't cause permanent harm to their son.

Harry Guirmand is one of about ten protestors who showed up wearing what looked to be bloodied pants and carrying signs calling for an end to circumcision.

Randall Sharp, a senior at the University of Memphis, thought the protest was ‘over the top.’

“It's not mutilation either… actual mutilation is egregious. I feel like his body, his choice? Men's bodies are not under attack…” Sharp said.

Girls have long been protected by laws against genital mutilation, but boys were excluded from that law.

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As a result, that law has been challenged as unconstitutional and is under appeal.

Sharp told FOX13 the protestors have it wrong. “I don't see it as sex abuse, that is really a reach to me. They are really making light of actual sex abuse.”

Protest organizers told us the protest isn't stopping in Memphis. They plan to hit 16 cities in 17 days trying to change future parent’s circumcision decisions.

Protestors plan on wrapping up their protests with a two-day stop outside of the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Conference in New Orleans.