'Bolt' launches in Memphis, joining three other electric scooter companies across the city

WATCH: Bolt adds fleet of scooters in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis has four different scooter companies operating in the city. Bolt Scooters are the latest to hit the Bluff City.

Electric scooters are everywhere. They’re practically taking over the Buff City.

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“Not only is there a major demand, but there’s a demand to bridge the gap between sort of the scooters you see around and the convenience you get from riding around in a vehicle," said Andy Shenkman, Director of Operations for Bolt Mobility.

Shenkman said the scooter is equipped with cup holders, a charging port for your phone, and a basket to hold your belongings.

The director hopes to cut down on distracted scooter driving.

“We take away the ability for people to get distracted by holding their backpack or purse,” Shenkman said.

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Bolt joins three other scooters companies in the Bluff City. The scooter looks higher tech than its competitors, but does Memphis really need four scooter companies?

Local Norman Wilcox thinks it’s a good idea. “You have to create a little competition. Guys are going to be fighting back and forth trying to make the most money,” Wilcox said.

Bolt launched 100 of their Bolt Chariot scooters on Friday. Within the next few months, the company hopes to launch 250 more scooters in Memphis.