'Captain America' arrested in North Mississippi, police say

WATCH: 'Captain America' arrested for burglary

CLARKSDALE, Miss. — It's a long fall from grace since saving the world from Thanos in Endgame for Captain America.

According to Clarksdale Police, they arrested Captain America, well at least someone dressed up as him, on September 10.

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David Hobbs, 36, was donning the superhero costume and fairy wings when he was caught breaking into a shed, according to the police report.

The homeowner said he was alerted by his alarm. After grabbing a handgun, he found Hobbs breaking into his shed with a pipe, police said.

Police said they don't know why Hobbs dressed up as Captain America.

Neighbor Campbell Doggett Jr. said the area is normally quiet. "It's pathetic, dresses like a hero and al that in front of Clarksdale. You don't just do that and break into people's houses."

Hobbs was taken into custody and is charged with burglary. He's in jail on a $25,000 bond.

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