• 'Don't kill my momma' Memphis father accused mother of cheating, threatens to kill her and their son

    By: Siobhan Riley


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis mother and her son feared for their lives after the child's father threatened to kill his family.

    Investigators were told that the assault happened in the 200 block of Cypress Wood Cv. in the Cypresswood Apartments.

    The family told police Terry Dickerson, the child's father, came to the apartment unannounced, according to MPD.

    The mother told officers Dickerson began knocking on the mother's bedroom window. She saw Dickerson through the bedroom window.

    Police say Dickerson then forcefully rammed the front door with his shoulder, repeatedly until it came open.

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    Officers said the mother then ran into her son's room. That's when Dickerson followed her into the bedroom and began screaming and cursing about her cheating on him.

    Dickerson then pulled a black revolver handgun from the back of this black shorts, police say. He pointed the gun at her while he continued to scream and curse at her.

    That's when their teenage son jumped in front of his mother and told his father, "Don't kill my momma."

    Dickerson told his son, "I'll kill you too, what you going to do Lil n***a?"

    MPD said the mother sprayed mace in Dickerson's eyes to protect herself and her son.

    Dickerson then put the handgun back in his pocket and ran out of the apartment.

    Both the mother and son then went to the Domestic Violence Bureau for MPD to begin the investigation.

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