• 'Excessive heat warning' posing extreme dangers for Mid-South

      MEMPHIS, Tenn. -
    • Dangerous heat is occurring across the mid-south
    • An “Excessive Heat Warning” is active until 8pm
    • An Excessive Heat Warning means that prolonged activity outdoors “will” result in a heat-related illness
    • A Heat Advisory will be active tomorrow from 11 am – 8pm
    • A Heat Advisory means that prolonged activity “has the potential” to result in a heat-related illness
    • Overnight lows will not provide much relief tonight:  near 77° at it’s coolest
    • The heat index tomorrow will reach near 109°
    • Please take the heat seriously and exercise caution
    • Schedule cooling breaks every twenty minutes (or sooner) when working outdoors
    • Seek out air conditioning and shade
    • Hydrate all day long with healthy liquids
    • Check on others
    • NEVER leave anyone in a car when running into a store
    • LOCK your car once you park it at home (25% of heat-related car/child deaths are a result of children climbing into an unlocked car and getting trapped)
    • Make sure your pets have good cool clear water

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