'He's a danger to the kids': Resource officer back at work after student says she was choked

'He's a danger to the kids': Resource officer back at work after student says she was choked

BRINKLEY, Ark. — A Brinkley High School student was surprised to see the school resource officer she said choked and handcuffed her still working at the school.

Last week, the school told FOX13 Bobby Burnett was suspended, pending their investigation. However, A’Kayla Johnson said she had trouble believing the officer was ever suspended in the first place.

ORIGINAL STORY: Mid-South high school student choked, handcuff by student resource officer

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“I feel like he shouldn’t be there still. He’s a danger to the kids at school,” Johnson said.

Johnson told FOX13 she froze when she saw Burnett back at school.

Last week, Johnson shared a video of Burnett putting his knee into her back and handcuffing her on Oct. 3.

Johnson told FOX13 things turned violent when she tried to explain why she was staying in class even though she had an early dismissal.

“He shouldn’t be there,” Johnson said. “He should be fired. He should lose his job because of his history.”

Brinkley Public Schools initially told FOX13 Burnett was suspended during their investigation. Now they won’t comment.

Students said they were surprised to see him back at school last Friday.

“I didn’t feel comfortable walking past him or anything like that,” Johnson said.

After speaking with Johnson and receiving pictures of Burnett inside the school, FOX13 went to the school to get answers.

We were told the superintendent was not available but later received an email from the district saying this is a personnel matter.

Meanwhile, Johnson refuses to go back to school until the officer is gone.

“I don’t feel like they did anything about it,” she said. “They just brushed it off - didn’t do anything.”

Johnson’s family told FOX13 they plan on filing charges. They told FOX13 are filling out a police report Tuesday afternoon.

The chief of police told FOX13 once that is done, police will start their investigation.