'I didn't do it,' Sherra Wright says to Lorenzen's family during bond hearing

Sherra Wright is accused of murdering her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright. In the middle of her bond hearing, she tried to convince his family that she is innocent.

FOX13 cameras were rolling in the courtroom when Sherra turned to Lorenzen’s family. It was a subtle attempt to convince his loved ones that she isn't a killer.

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While her attorney is speaking, Sherra could be seen mouthing “I didn’t do it.”

Lorenzen's mother, Deborah Marion, told FOX13 her family does not believe the accused killer. She called it an act of desperation.

"She wanted everyone to know that she was mouthing something to me,” Marion said. “That is just her. She ain’t changed.  She has been a devil ever since.”

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Sherra Wright’s bond was set at $20 million -- $5 million higher than her alleged co-conspirator, Billy Turner.

"Yes, that was good,” Marion said. “He got 15 now she got 20.  They need to be where they are."

FOX13 asked if she was surprised no one from Sherra’s family showed up to testify on her behalf.

"Baby. Sherra Wright? No I am not surprised,” she said.

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With a family spokesman holding her up, Deborah Marion said she believes the jailers who wrote up Sherra Wright for cursing and threatening them.  She also believes the accusation that Sherra flooded the toilet inside her jail cell and was naked while saying she was going swimming.

However, Marion doesn't think the pressure of jail is affecting the accused killer.

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"That is Sherra. Y’all don't understand. All eyes on her,” Marion explained. “She always wanted to be movie star."

Marion told FOX13 she is upset that some of Sherra Wright's family allegedly knew about the murder plot in advance, but never spoke up.

"All eyes on them. They are going to tell the truth."