'It's my history.' Woman's old photographs taken from vehicle stolen in restaurant parking lot

WATCH: Truck stolen with family photos

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family is hoping to recover a stolen bag of memories after their truck was stolen.

When the truck was found, a bag of high value to the family was gone.

A night out for dinner quickly turned into a search for lost memories for one family.

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Steve Lawrence was with his daughter and son-in-law Sunday at Pacific Rim on Poplar Avenue.

After walking out to leave, Lawrence's Ford 1-50 was gone. They immediately called police, who had their own theory on why his truck was stolen.

According to Lawrence, MPD said they targeted his truck because it looked like a hunting truck and the suspects were possibly looking for guns.

There were no guns inside the truck, but they took a large neon-colored bag with Nautica on the side.

"The only reason I can figure they grabbed that bag is because it was pretty good sized bag and it weighed a lot. They thought it might have been something of value in it," Lawrence said.

The bag's contents hold extremely important value to his wife Blandy.

"Basically, every one of my photographs, my childhood all the way up to when I was in my thirties. They were all my photographs," Blandy said.

Thanks to Lawrence's tracking device on his iPad inside the truck, MPD found the truck Monday morning in Frayser.

The front passenger window was punched out and a small amount of cash was gone.

Even though security cameras were around the restaurant, no suspects have been identified.

"There was a security camera next door and it was pointed the wrong way. Pacific Rim said their camera was a dummy just for looks," Lawrence said.

Blandy said she hopes she'll be able to look back at her childhood memories.

"Irreplaceable. It's my history. It's my childhood," Blandy said.

The family is offering a reward of $500 if the photos are retrieved.