'They're going to hurt me.' Mother crying foul after son's deadly standoff with deputies

WATCH: 'They're going to hurt me.' Mother crying foul after son's deadly standoff with deputies

MARSHALL CO., Miss. — A Mississippi mother is crying foul after police said her son shot himself after a standoff with Marshall County deputies.

According to investigators, Randy Vaught shot a deputy before killing himself during a barricade situation.

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FOX13 spoke with Vaught's mother, Donna, who said it has been a rough week knowing she will not be with her son anymore.

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"You can probably still smell the tear gas," Donna said.

On Tuesday, FOX13 walked through the home, which is the scene where Vaught died after barricading himself inside.

The stench of tear gas was still prevalent and the holes remain where shots pierced through.

"Randy ran through the door screaming, 'Mama, get them. They're going to hurt me. They're going to hurt me,'" Donna said.

Donna told FOX13 her son ran inside their back door Friday night and was chased by a deputy who kicked in the door.

According to Vann, five kids were inside the house at the time and she confirmed Vaught shot at deputies, but he was defending himself.

"Yes, he did. But if you're standing in your home with five little children there. When he started firing at the deputy he was saying, 'Not my family,'" Donna said.

"Well, it's always difficult and as I said in my honest opinion, if he hadn't been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I could have talked him out immediately," Kenny Dickerson, Marshall County's Sheriff said.

Prior to the incident, Vaught posted on Facebook and wrote an apology to his loved ones and said he was going to turn himself in.

Dickerson told FOX13 he knew Vaught and hated seeing his life end in such a way.

"I think Randy really was in the wrong crowd and he allowed peer pressure to guide him down the wrong road," Dickerson said.

Donna was eventually tapped to help convice her son to come out, unarmed and in his underwear. According to Donna, she was sent back before he died.

"And I asked, 'Just let me come up there. He's not going to hurt me, I'm his mother,'" Donna stated.

Despite deputies' accounts, Vaught's loved ones argue that his last Facebook post and last words to his family suggest otherwise.

"'I love you Mama,' He said, 'I love you' to all of us," Donna said.

Right now, the family awaits the final autopsy to learn more about the final moments they did not get to witness.