1 dead, another in coma after overdosing on mystery drug in Mississippi

WATCH: One death linked to mystery drug in Mississippi

PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — One person is dead and another is in a coma after overdosing on a mystery drug in Como, Mississippi.

At least seven people have overdosed on this mystery drug within the last two weeks.

One man who knows one of the victims said there was talk around that there are “bad drugs on the street.”

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First responders and law enforcement told FOX13 they are hearing the same thing as residents said previously – that is possibly a bad batch of crack cocaine – but nothing has been confirmed.


"What we have seen is generalized unconsciousness bad respiratory depression and comatose state that can't be reversed by anything that we have,” Kyle Arnold, the EMS Chief of Lifeguard Ambulance in Panola County.

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Panola County Narcotics Unit Captain Gray Nickels said they are still trying to figure out what people were overdosing on. Drugs seized on the street have been sent to the MBI crime lab in Batesville.

“It has been great I have turned in several pieces of evidence. Asked them to put a rush on it with the intensity of the case, and they have done a great job getting results back to us,” Nickels said.

But here is the problem. To figure out exactly why the drug was causing overdoses, police need the hospital records of those who overdosed.

To get those records you have to jump through legal hoops.

“Just getting the paperwork back for what Tennessee requires on getting medical records back for us. To help us with our investigation,” Nickels Said.

We do know that those who overdosed were taken to at least three different Mid-South hospitals.

A retired Mississippi Drug analyst with the crime lab told FOX13 if the evidence includes blood samples it would take a day and a half to find out what drugs were in the users’ blood.