• 1,000+ without water in Arkansas, mayor says repairs soon to be made

    By: Tom Dees


    LAKE VIEW, Ark. - Now that 1,000+ people are without water in Arkansas, the town's mayor told FOX13 the water pump could be repaired Thursday evening or Friday.

    People in that area have been without water for the past six days. 

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    Mayor Darrin Davis said the state has agreed to pay for the new water pump.

    There was a problem with a water Hippo this morning as the valves on the truck valves that dispense water froze up.

    It took a guard member more than an hour to get the valve unfrozen. 

    Davis said the pump was installed in the late 1960’s and there were so warning signs it would break down.

    The old pump is 600 feet below ground. Officials said the new pump will have to be installed through remote drilling and will take about 24 hours to install.

    The city is working on a back up plan if the parts do not arrive.

    Officials said the broken water pump is located at the water tower on the southern side of the town.

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