12-year-old attempts suicide after being bullied at middle school

WATCH: 12-year-old after being bullied at school

FAYETTE COUNTY, Tenn. — One little girl is recovering after trying to kill herself after being bullied at school.

Her father told FOX13 the student tried to commit suicide Sunday.

David Levine’s daughter, who we will not identify, is just 12-years-old. She's a student at East Junior High School in Fayette County.

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“She's been bullied on for so long she tried to commit suicide,” Levine said.

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Levine says, “The second she gets off the bus you can tell the fear in her face.”

David told FOX13 his daughter was being bullied both physically and emotionally.

“A lot of picking on, a lot of physical interaction with other children, pushing on her spitting on her throwing things at her she does have a scar above her eye from a pencil that was lodged in there,” the father said.

Coming home from school in tears has now become the sad norm.

Like any father David went straight to the school demanding answers.

Levine said, “Been there a good 4 to 8 times spoke to Dr. Cunningham and the issue was addressed but nothing has been done.”

The family even attempted to talk to the superintendent.

Her father said, “Nothing has been done, nothing...  She got so depressed that she tried to catch herself on fire.”

When David felt like he had nowhere to turn he turned to me and I attempted to get answers.

FOX13 went to the school district, but again no one was available.

The 12-year-old girl is now at Lakeside Behavioral Health, trying to put back the pieces to an emotionally broken and bullied heart.

The little girl will not be going back to East Junior High School.

FOX13 is still waiting to hear back from the administration.