• 14-year-old Memphis girl finds drone flying outside bathroom window

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Memphis police are investigating a peeping Tom incident involving a drone.

    Family of the 14-year-old victim told FOX13 the drone was hovering in front of a bathroom window over the weekend.

    The family of the teen said she was watched from the outside of this bathroom by a peeping Tom.

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    "Well I was very surprised because I honestly didn't believe her when she told me at first."

    The young victim and her mother, Alise Hale were in Memphis from Atlanta.

    Hale spoke with us from Atlanta.

    "It was very obvious it was trying to look in the window,” Hale said.

    Sarah Brown lives next door to where the incident happened and said she’s heard strange sounds outside her window before.

    "I was like what the heck is that? I was afraid to open the window,” Brown said.

    After the drone crashed to the ground, Memphis police was able to take it as evidence.

    Hale told us the drone could have been used for other dangerous activities.

    "They could have been scoping out my mother's house to rob it,” Hale said.

    Memphis police could not confirm with FOX13 if the drone was registered with the Federal Aviation Administration.

    According to Tennessee state law, drones are forbidden from open air ticketed events where 100 or more people are gathered.

    They are also banned from flying over prison grounds.

    "I’m not that familiar with drones and now because of this incident I'm really worried,” Brown said.

    Brown told FOX13 she hopes MPD can track down the owner of the drone to learn his reasoning behind flying it so close to the windows of homes.

    "It seems like anything that can travel a distance and peek in on people and invade their privacy without a human attached to it is dangerous,” Brown said.

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