16 cases of drug overdoses, 5 deaths in 24 hours across Shelby County, officials say

WATCH: 16 cases of drug overdoses, 5 deaths in 24 hours across Shelby County, officials say

SHELBY CO., Tenn. — More than a dozen cases of drug overdoses and five deaths were reported to the Shelby County Health Department in just one day.

It was a dangerous and deadly Sunday for first responders across Shelby County. According to the health department, the overdoses were spread throughout Memphis.

One of the deaths was in Cordova.

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It’s a reminder the drug epidemic is still happening nationally, locally and with deadly consequences.

"We recognized we had more deaths than we had in the previous 24 hours,” said Shelby County Health Department Director Alisa Haushalter.

It is not clear what type of drug was ingested. The health department is waiting for results from the medical examiner.

"The majority of deaths that we have seen locally have been a combination of drugs and that is what we would anticipate," Haushalter said.

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According to health department data, Sunday’s victims were mostly white men in their mid-40s.

FOX13 is still working to find out if the victims were found in their homes or some other place, but it appears all the victims had access to a car.

"That was the only common thing, that the majority of deaths occurred near the interstate corridors," Haushalter said.

All the information and data about the recent cases have been turned over to police and prosecutors as the department waits to see if more fatalities will be reported.

The director said, "This particular episode maybe over the for this week, but we know the epidemic is not over and we will continue to battle this for some time to come."

The health department has new tools and there is a coordinated effort among law enforcement and health care professionals to respond to drug overdoses quickly.

The hope is to warn the victim and arrest the dealers faster than before.