18-wheeler driver shot at while driving on I-240 in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are searching for the person who shot at a driver of an 18-wheeler on Interstate 240 near Airways Boulevard early Wednesday morning.

The shooting happened during rush hour traffic – around 7 a.m. on I-240.

Truck drivers said the interstates in Memphis are the busiest in the region, and the drivers in this area can be mean and even violent at times.

Memphis police said someone shot at a truck driver on I-240. It’s the fourth interstate shooting since October in Memphis.

"It gets me to thinking I should reroute myself. It's bad everywhere. But Memphis has got its problems,” said Eric Wyatt, a truck driver from Georgia.

According to a police report, the truck driver admitted to cutting off a blue Chevrolet Tahoe with the gunman inside.

"It seems like when you make a mistake people don't allow the mistake. We have to be careful to keep our emotions in check,” Wyatt said.

The truck driver told police the blue Tahoe then drove around to the front of the 18-wheeler and slammed on brakes.

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The report explains the driver then pointed his finger at the gunman. Police said the gunman then shot his gun several times out of the window.

"It's very uncalled for. It's scary, it’s scary for truck drivers,” Wyatt said.

Police said the truck driver called 911 while traveling on interstate 55 and didn’t stay in Tennessee to speak with police.

Wyatt said he hopes all drivers will remain safe, especially since the roads will be even more crowded for the holidays.

"Just keep your cool but just do a double check on your emotions,” Wyatt said.

Police said they are still investigating this shooting. They are looking into a person of interest right now.