2 Arkansas executions halted, others back on

WATCH: 2 executions halted, others back on

Seven Arkansas inmates are still set to be executed over the next nine days.

On Monday, just hours before two prisoners were scheduled to die, the Arkansas Supreme Court extended their lives by voting 4-3 on a stay.

Over the weekend a federal judge postponed all of the executions.

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A federal appeals court rejected that judge’s order. All of the executions were back on schedule, until the state’s Supreme Court delayed the two executions planned for Monday night.

The Arkansas Attorney General said she will appeal regarding one of the inmate’s delays in hopes to get him back schedule before the end of the month.

The timing is important, because the state’s stash of lethal drugs is set to expire at the end of April.

It was an unprecedented move when Arkansas announced it was going to execute eight inmates in ten days.

The decision set off a whirlwind of appeals.

As of Monday, six inmates are still set to be executed by next Thursday.

Only one prisoner, Bruce Ward, appears to be in the clear because his lawyers successfully argued he has a mental disability.

Appeals are likely far from over and the Supreme Court could potentially postpone other inmate’s death row deadlines.

FOX13’s Zach Crenshaw will be in Arkansas on Thursday when the next two executions are scheduled.