2 carjacked in Cooper Young less than 10 hours after woman assaulted a block away

WATCH: 2 carjacked in Cooper Young less than 10 hours after woman assaulted a block away

A carjacking victim spoke out about his freightening run-in with gunmen in Cooper Young.

The crime happened less than 10 hours after a woman told police she was assaulted a block away.

The victim, Thomas Jones, told police the carjacking happened in a parking lot in Cooper Young. He said the suspects pulled out a gun and robbed him.

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“We were walking and leaving Celtic [Crossing Irish Pub] after winning trivia,” Jones told FOX13.

The carjacking happened just before 10 p.m. Wednesday. Jones said before he and his friend could get into their car, four teenagers threatened to shoot.

“[They said] to get on the ground and one of them put a gun to my friend’s face and he immediately complied, and I didn’t immediately,” Jones said. “And one of them hit me two or three times in the face and he said shoot this one, shoot him.”

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That’s when Jones said he got on the ground and the suspects got away with both of their phones, wallets, cash and Jones’ girlfriend’s car.

Jones told FOX13 he immediately ran back to meet his girlfriend and told her to call police.

“I could’ve easily been shot, they had the gun right over my head to point – that’s why I got on the ground,” Jones said. “I thought they were going to shoot me.”

Earlier that day, MPD said a woman was attacked around 11:30 a.m. just a block away.

The woman was jogging in the area of Evelyn Avenue near Cooper Street when police said Odie Battles was standing with his hands in his pants.

Police said Battles followed the woman, grabbed her, and pressed his body against hers.

The woman fought and got away, according to MPD.

Police are still looking for the suspects involved in the carjacking.