2 men dead after murder in local apartment complex, police missing crime fighting tool in area

WATCH: Lack of SkyCop cameras in high crime area

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men are dead after a shooting Wednesday night in Southeast Memphis.

Police said the shooting happened near the Pendleton Pines apartments, and now MPD is looking for suspects and offices are doing it with one less crime-fighting tool – SkyCop cameras.

Bethel Grove, Orange Mound, and Bellevue Parkway are the areas in councilwoman Jamita Swearengen’s district with SkyCop cameras.

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One of those areas is not far from Pendleton Pines Apartments where police are investigating a double homicide and it’s a community without those extra eyes in the sky.

“When you get to that area you have overlap, you already overlapped Bethel Grove, already overlapped Cherokee but it’s not a part of the Orange Mound area community,” said Swearengen.

This week, Swearengen got a list of hotspots in her district from MPD, using crime data from January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019:

  • #1 (96 incidents) Spotswood, Seemes, Hilton/Pendleton &Park-Orange Mound
  • #2 (63 incidents) Neatherwood, Perkins, Jamaica, Watson-Parkway Village
  • #3 (35 incidents) Judy Lynn, Brentdale, Curtis, Brandale - Cottonwood

Swearengen said the latest cameras for her district were already installed this year, leaving Pendleton Pines Apartments in a blind spot for now.

FOX13 asked Swearengen what she tells residents who may be fearful of reporting crime.

“When we speak with the policeman during the town halls meeting, when they talk to the constituents that’s one of the reason why communities don’t receive cameras because when they have incidents that occur such as breaking into garage or vehicle, and they don’t report it so they don’t receive the data and those who receive the data are the ones who receive the cameras,” said Swearengen.

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