• 2 Mid-South congressmen to participate in Robert Mueller questioning

    By: Kody Leibowitz


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - One of the most highly anticipated Congressional testimonies happens on Wednesday as Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifies in front of two-House committees. 

    Mueller is expected to answer hours of questions on two topics: the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice. 

    Two Mid-South congressmen sit on the two committees questioning the long-time FBI director. 

    Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN09) sits on the House Judiciary Committee, while Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR01) sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

    Mueller’s testimony comes four months after the completion of his investigation and about three months after the Department of Justice released a redacted version on his completed report.

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    “I’d like to hear, in [Mueller’s] voice, the fact that there was obstruction of justice,” said Cohen in an interview with FOX13 on Tuesday.

    Cohen said he expects the Judiciary Committee to ask Mueller about the elements of obstruction of justice inquiry. 

    “There were 10 instances of obstruction that [Mueller] cited. That’s what the judiciary committee with emphasis and going over,” said Cohen. “And the three elements of that: the act of trying to stymie/impede an investigation, a clear nexus to the act and the result and what the result might have been to show that it was a nefarious motive.”

    “Those elements will be shown, and I think that Mueller will show that in those 10 instances, there were all cases of obstruction of justice,” said Cohen. 

    In Nov. 2017, Cohen put out articles of impeachment against the President. He said he expects, at this point, to introduce articles of impeachment again in the fall.

    “It’s important that we hear from Mueller and it’s one of the reasons I’ve held back [on introducing articles of impeachment]. But there’s no question he has committed obstruction of justice,” said Cohen.

    After Judiciary, Mueller will head to the Intelligence Committee for more testimony. 

    Crawford, who is on that committee, told FOX13 that he will be listening to the first hearing in Judiciary to formulate what, if any, questions he will ask during the second round of questions.

    “If there’s something that hasn’t been asked that needs to be asked, then I will do that,” said Crawford. “If [Mueller] sticks to his statement where he is going to confine his remarks to the four corners of the report, then probably nothing to see here. Now that will be largely dependent upon the line of questioning of that receives maybe from both sides.”

    What Crawford does want to hear about is the reason for the Mueller team make-up. 

    “What was the calculus for the decision on determining who he would use for his staff on the Special Counsel? And was he concerned about how that would play in the court of public opinion? And things like that. I don’t think those are things that would require him to veer outside of scope of his statement, but it’s certainly worth him being questioned about,” said Crawford. 

    Mueller’s testimony begins in the House Committee on the Judiciary at 8:30 AM EST/7:30 AM CST.

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