2 teachers receive Teacher of the Year award from SCS

2 teachers receive Teacher of the Year award from SCS

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two teachers received the Teacher of the Year award for Shelby County Schools Tuesday morning.

Natasha Medford received the middle school division award, and found out when she thought she was at an annual assembly.

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“Sometimes it’s just going beyond giving them the curriculum,” Medford said. “It’s having a relationship, showing up to games, just being there.”

Emily Taubken found out about her honor with a surprise visitor at her door. Superintendent Dorsey Hopson came by to tell her she won the elementary school honor.

“I think at the end of the day we don’t pay our teachers enough,” Hopson said. “Teachers are really superheroes and game changers.”

Medford is an eighth grade science teacher at Ridgeway Middle, and Taubken teaches third grade at Kingsbury Elementary.

“I’m super honored and very surprised, but excited to be able to participate and give back,” Taubken said. “It’s exciting to see a reward for hard work in your classroom.”