• 20 undocumented immigrants arrested at local warehouse

    By: Greg Coy , Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - FOX13 has learned new information about the raid and arrest of 20 undocumented immigrants hired to work at a logistics company.  

    PHOTOS: 20 undocumented immigrants arrested at local warehouse

    The Tennessee Highway Patrol said its troopers were in charge of the investigation after they received a tip about the immigrants. 

    "This investigation was done because of identify crimes," said Sgt. Chris Richardson of the THP.

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    Sgt. Richardson told FOX13 the 20 people arrested Tuesday night had fake driver’s licenses, social security cards and numbers and permanent residence cards. 

    "We had people who broke the law. It just so happens these folks in particular were Hispanics," said Richardson.

    FOX13 reached out to Provide Staffing Services, LLC.

    It is the company the suspected illegals used for employment.  

    Provide Staffing promises to provide "Reliable. Trustworthy. The staff you need."   

    Provide Staffing Services could face fines from the federal government.  

    The U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement websites warns employers can be finned if it can be proven they did, "Hire, recruit for a fee, or refer for a fee unauthorized aliens they know to be unauthorized to work in the U.S."

    "We have 60 million undocumented people in this country, and for the most part they are all working," said Greg Diaz, executive director of Las Americas which is a faith based advocacy agency for immigrants.  

    FOX13 showed Diaz the names of the 20 people arrested Tuesday.  

    Diaz suspects the THP worked with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to conduct the raid even though both agencies said that is not true.  

    "This morning, there are 20 families that woke up this morning without a dad or a mom," said Diaz.

    Provide Staffing Services is registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State, but its business license with Shelby County expired and has not been renewed.

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