26 Southaven officers on duty during shooting of Ismael Lopez

26 Southaven officers on duty during shooting of Ismael Lopez

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — UPDATE: In a previous version of this story, an error was made describing two Southaven police officers in an unflattering manner. It was never our intent to misrepresent these officers. We have corrected the body of this story to reflect that. We apologize for the error.


FOX13 obtained a list of 26 officers who were on duty on the night and morning after Ismael Lopez was shot and killed by Southaven Police.

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Lopez died at his home on July 23 when officers showed up to the wrong home trying to serve a warrant to a man who lived across the street.

In a news conference on Thursday, attorneys representing the Lopez family released the names of two officers who they believe were involved in the actual shooting.

"The City of Southaven refuses to release their personnel/employee files. They would confirm that they were the shooters," Associate Attorney Aaron Neglia said.

Right now, FOX13 is not releasing those names without confirmation from law enforcement or city officials.

Attorneys representing the Lopez family said it is irresponsible for the city to not release the names of the officers involved in the shooting.

"The City of Southaven had remained uncooperative throughout this process," Neglia said. "What we're asking them is to be cooperative and identify the officers involved in the shooting."

Southaven Police Chief Steve Pirtle told FOX13 he would not comment on the shooting until the investigation is complete.

"As I stared after outset of this tragic event, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the DeSoto County District Attorney's Office were immediately contacted to conduct an investigation of this matter. At this juncture, the investigation is ongoing as they are awaiting the full autopsy report from the State Medical Examiner's Office. Until I receive the report form the District Attorney's Office, I will not be able to  make comments. I, just as you, am ready for the investigation to be completed, but in the meantime, as noted, I am waiting on complete information before commenting"

Chief Steven E. Pirtle, Southaven Police Department.