3 escape house fire in South Memphis

30 minutes is all it took for a fire to leave three people homeless Friday morning.

"My aunt, my uncle, and one of his workers," Jessica Hayes explained was inside the home when it caught fire.

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Jessica Hayes was left barefoot and in the cold.  She said her aunt was only able to escape the Frisco Avenue house fire with the clothes on her back.  Hayes handed over her shoes, to comfort her aunt.  The selfless act, left Hayes shoeless and her feet were left numb.  Hayes said 'numb' is also how she felt after learning her family's home went up in flames.

"It was devastating," Hayes recalled.  "It was devastating because no one could find no one. It's hard, it's hard, it's hard."

Lt Wayne Cook, with the Memphis Fire Department said crews were trying to save a home and business.

"The front of the structure is the primary structure used for a residence.  It is a house," Lt. Cook said.  "In the rear, it's used as a garage/auto repair shop."

The full impact of everything left Hayes visibly shaken.

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"It was scary," Hayes said. 

Lt Cook told FOX13 some material on the backside fueled this fire.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time flames have forced this family out of their home.

"This is like second shop that that's happened to you with them," Hayes said.  "It's like it's a target. I don't know."

What is also unknown is if the family will be able to rebuild.

Also at the home, were three dogs.  They too survived.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.