3 men accused of disorderly conduct, rioting after Brandon Webber shot to death by U.S. Marshals

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three men have been arrested in connection to the chaos that ensued on June 12, 2019 according to a Shelby County arrest affidavit.

The arrest affidavit states 55-year-old Eddie Richardson and 43-year-old Kleston Beverly were arrested for disorderly conduct and 19-year-old Joshua Taylor was arrested for rioting.

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It is alleged that the suspects' actions were in response to U.S. Marshals shooting and killing 20-year-old Brandon Webber on June 12.

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According to the arrest affidavit, officers responded to a disturbance call at Overton Crossing, located near Durham Avenue.

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The arrest affidavit states there was a large group of ‘combative and irate’ protestors when officers arrived on the scene.

According to officers, they received a verbal command from their supervisor to form a riot formation.

The affidavit states people on the scene proceeded to throw beer and liter soda bottles, rocks and large batteries at officers.

Officials reported that the thrown objects injured 36 officers from multiple agencies.

According to the affidavit, when officers got close to the suspect, he 'aggressively' paced back and forth with four to five individuals.

Officers reported they ordered the individuals to “Move,” but the suspect refused to follow their commands, laid on the concrete and allegedly said, “Y’all are gonna have to lock me up today!”

The arrest affidavit states officers detained the suspect and asked him to provide TN identification, but he only had his social security number.

According to officers, when they checked his identification number, it was revealed the suspect had an ‘outstanding’ arrest warrant.

Officers reported they responded to a shooting call at the 2070 block of Durham Road. It is reported that during the call, several residents gathered at the intersection of Overton Crossing Street and Areggon Road.

According to the affidavit, officers were given protective gear and ordered to form a barrier around the crime scene.

The affidavit states a riot began and individuals began throwing objects at the officers who were forming a line.

According to officers, several people refused to leave the scene, including Eddie Richardson.

Officers reported they removed the suspect from the crowd and taken into police custody.

According to the arrest affidavit, individuals gathered and rioted at the Express Mart, located on the 4280 block of Overton Crossing.

The arrest affidavit states the officers told the individuals to leave and Kelston Beverly refused to.

The suspect was then taken into police custody.