3 people shot through bedroom windows in 'weird' shootings

WATCH: 3 people shot through bedroom windows in 'weird' shootings

CORINTH, Miss. — Three people were injured in a series of shootings in northern Mississippi that investigators openly called “weird.”

The victims were shot through their bedroom windows in Corinth. What makes the investigation puzzling is the shootings happened at two different homes – minutes apart – and at this point there isn’t a clear connection between the incidents.

Investigators told FOX13 the shootings happened about homes that are separated by about a three-minute drive– and the gun shots were fired within minutes of each other.

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The first shooting happened on East 6th Street around 2:30 on the morning of January 3. Police said 25-year-old Jordan Powell was sleeping when he was shot multiple times through a window.

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FOX13’s Tom Dees found two shell casings still on the ground outside the window and notified investigators.

Powell was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, but he has since been released. His neighbor Tasha Nance was freaked out by the shooting.

“How does it affect me? It affects me emotionally, like why do we have to live with violence and why can’t we have peace?” she asked.

A three-minute drive away on Graham Street, police said another shooting happened just minutes after the first. A gunman opened fire on a couple through a window as they were sleeping.

18-year-old Savannah Stewart was injured in the shooting. She was treated at the hospital and released.

28-year-old Jasman Cager was shot in the stomach and taken to Regional One.

The landlord of the Graham Street home told FOX13 me he has replaced the window, but he did show us where bullets hit a wall inside the bedroom.

A neighbor who didn’t want his face shown described the shooting.

“It sounded like a large caliber gun. It sounded like it was on my porch because it was loud, and it kept on (like) ‘pow pow, pow, pow, pow.’”

Police told FOX13 they are not sure if the victims know each other. They are still trying to piece together a motive for the shootings.

All three victims are out of the hospital and are going to be ok.